Denise Koch

Producer & Digital Project Manager



’... and the brilliantly promising young producer, Denise Koch, whose vision and enterprise had really made the whole thing happen.“


"Great, that I was one of the first to test the new BGW VR training tool. Through this experience digitalization in the healthcare sector has become more tangible for me." – Kati Borngräber

Kati Borngräber, BGW



I am an experienced Producer with a focus on live entertainement and new technologies. I produced Playlines’ AR experience Consequences, which was nominated for the Innovation in Storytelling Award at The Future of Storytelling Festival in New York.

My recent work experience include Sony PlayStation, Aria-Entertainment and

ITN Productions. Most recently I have produced the VR adaption of Rob Rockiki’s Monstersongs.



Monstersongs is a VR adaptation of Rob Rokicki’s album. Immerse yourself in David O’Neill's unique art work and listen to Rob Rokicki’s original score.



I want to hear from you! You can contact me under:

Tel.: 4407517091673 |  |

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